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Natural Solution for Hair

  • Blue Serum has been specially developed for hair care. In it; thanks to natural extracts; It helps the hair to gain a more lively appearance by nourishing the hair. It aims to make the hair look shiny, lively and healthy.
  • Black Garlic Shampoo supports daily hair care and nourishes and repairs hair. It helps to prevent hair loss by taking care of hair follicles. It helps to repair fine and damaged hair. It contributes to gaining a strong and shiny appearance in the hair.
  • Black Garlic oil is a kind of care oil that helps to nourish the hair follicles. It is formed by fermenting the garlic at a certain temperature and in a humid environment for 1 month. It has completely natural and herbal ingredients. It helps to stop hair loss. It contributes to hair care. With regular use in a short time, it provides your current hair care and supports you to get the full hair you want.

What Does the Perfect Hair Care Set Do?

Blue Hair Care Serum; It cares for hair and scalp with its natural extracts. There is 30 ml of product in the box. Black Garlic Oil; It helps to strengthen the hair roots by reducing hair loss. There is 50 ml of product in the box. Black Garlic Care Shampoo; by caring for the hair; contributes to nourishment and strengthening. There is 350 ml of product in the box.

Using the Perfect Hair Care Set

  • Drop the blue serum on the scalp and apply by massaging.
  • Apply black garlic oil to the roots and ends of the hair and spread it well by massaging.
  • After the products are absorbed, you can wash them.
  • Use black garlic shampoo when washing your hair.
  • You can get the most effective results by using the products regularly.
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